Monday, January 27, 2014

Life Raft

Money cannot purchase
What time cannot replace.
Our flow cannot arrest the forward flow
           Of time and space.
The river channels onward
Sweeping with it our debris,
Washing silt and sediment
           Away and to the sea.
The lines spread on our faces
Unfettered by our minds,
The more we tumble on the rocks
         The more we leave behind.
As branches spread like fingers
Hanging over to ensnare,
We linger towards the middle
        To ensure we make it there.

- Alison Day, 2003

Photos by Alison Day


Oh, to have wings. All the best dreams involve flying. And I am NOT talking about in an airplane, hot air balloon or hang glider. Real unassisted natural winged flight holds a magic and spirituality universally felt by humans. What a beautiful fantasy, to shape-shift into a bird of prey, wheeling and drifting on the currents of air above...

The cloak that started it all, the Barred Owl.

Great-Horned Owl

Red-Breasted Woodpecker

Sheer Owl Wings for Dancing (Isis Wing Style)

A brilliant Magpie.

Another Barred Owl. Each piece is one-of-a-kind.

New design: A Phoenix!