Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Upon Leaving

Tremulous and sweet
I meet my end
Unaware the end
Was ever near
A smile upon my face
To mark the hour
When all the earthly trials
Will disappear
With open arms I rise
To meet my fate
The hour arrives
A sharply clanging gong
A moment past
The breath of life departs
So sad to leave
But happy to be gone.

Alison Day

Post Mortem

More than ever now I feel your pain
Flowing down your face like salty rain
Wipe away the floods of your despair
Bind me to your heart and I'll be there

Death is not the end, beyond the flesh
A deeper soul resides, awaits release
To fly beyond this earth remains the dream
To join the whole, my self is just a piece.

Alison Day

Wedding Poem

Love knocks on the door
Taps on the window
Dances the floor
Love stampedes into
The valley of dreams
Lays siege to the tower
Which bursts at the seams
And rebuilds with each hour
Love shatters your armor
With arrows of gold
And nurtures the garden
For love to unfold
Its petals to drink from
The bright morning sun
It cannot be purchased
But often is won
Love curls up inside you
And builds you a nest
Of velvet and moonlight
In which you can rest.

Alison Day
Dedicated to my friends Scott and Rita on their wedding day.

Sweet Dreams

Falling down
The rabbit hole of darkened vines
A tangled web of
Hot desire
I twist and pull but only find
Myself becoming
Trapped by you
My mind entwined by what I find
Inside your deep and
Icy well
In which I break and penetrate
The surface calm
The secret life
That bubbles up and swells within the
Hidden place
Inside of you
Screaming in a soundproof room where
Dreams of love are
Piled up in
A long forgotten dusty corner
Waiting for the
Door to open.

Alison Day


Floating in the salty brine
Of a long forgotten time
Water flows from far inland
Before it crashes on the sand
The journey ebbs and flows at will
A million crevasses to fill
An endless maze of waterways
Journeying to meet the waves
Whose thunder echoes in the foam
Returning to its ocean home.

Alison Day

New Orleans, September 2005

The streets are still
The silence fills
The cracks and dips
Where dirty water drips
Abandoned by the rebel
Crowds of drunken devil
Seekers, and the doorway
Sleepers, the poor
And meek who made
Their way alone, no prayer
Is strong enough to lift
Their bones above the drifts
Of mud and broken homes
Which rise like tombs
From water graves
And submerged caves
Of lost humanity.
Atlantis falls into the sea.

Alison Day


Deception is a vicious beast
Who creeps and lurks behind the door
Or drips like water from the eaves
And slicks the surface of the floor

And if you turn your face away
He rakes his icy claws across
The tender flesh of innocence
Which rent asunder, then is lost

To lie and seek the truth are both
Conditions of the human mind
And what we choose to manifest
Determines how we are defined

Deception seeps in like a fog
Enveloping within its wake
The final vestiges of truth
And leaves your empty heart to break.

Alison Day