Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Upon Leaving

Tremulous and sweet
I meet my end
Unaware the end
Was ever near
A smile upon my face
To mark the hour
When all the earthly trials
Will disappear
With open arms I rise
To meet my fate
The hour arrives
A sharply clanging gong
A moment past
The breath of life departs
So sad to leave
But happy to be gone.

Alison Day

Post Mortem

More than ever now I feel your pain
Flowing down your face like salty rain
Wipe away the floods of your despair
Bind me to your heart and I'll be there

Death is not the end, beyond the flesh
A deeper soul resides, awaits release
To fly beyond this earth remains the dream
To join the whole, my self is just a piece.

Alison Day

Wedding Poem

Love knocks on the door
Taps on the window
Dances the floor
Love stampedes into
The valley of dreams
Lays siege to the tower
Which bursts at the seams
And rebuilds with each hour
Love shatters your armor
With arrows of gold
And nurtures the garden
For love to unfold
Its petals to drink from
The bright morning sun
It cannot be purchased
But often is won
Love curls up inside you
And builds you a nest
Of velvet and moonlight
In which you can rest.

Alison Day
Dedicated to my friends Scott and Rita on their wedding day.

Sweet Dreams

Falling down
The rabbit hole of darkened vines
A tangled web of
Hot desire
I twist and pull but only find
Myself becoming
Trapped by you
My mind entwined by what I find
Inside your deep and
Icy well
In which I break and penetrate
The surface calm
The secret life
That bubbles up and swells within the
Hidden place
Inside of you
Screaming in a soundproof room where
Dreams of love are
Piled up in
A long forgotten dusty corner
Waiting for the
Door to open.

Alison Day


Floating in the salty brine
Of a long forgotten time
Water flows from far inland
Before it crashes on the sand
The journey ebbs and flows at will
A million crevasses to fill
An endless maze of waterways
Journeying to meet the waves
Whose thunder echoes in the foam
Returning to its ocean home.

Alison Day

New Orleans, September 2005

The streets are still
The silence fills
The cracks and dips
Where dirty water drips
Abandoned by the rebel
Crowds of drunken devil
Seekers, and the doorway
Sleepers, the poor
And meek who made
Their way alone, no prayer
Is strong enough to lift
Their bones above the drifts
Of mud and broken homes
Which rise like tombs
From water graves
And submerged caves
Of lost humanity.
Atlantis falls into the sea.

Alison Day


Deception is a vicious beast
Who creeps and lurks behind the door
Or drips like water from the eaves
And slicks the surface of the floor

And if you turn your face away
He rakes his icy claws across
The tender flesh of innocence
Which rent asunder, then is lost

To lie and seek the truth are both
Conditions of the human mind
And what we choose to manifest
Determines how we are defined

Deception seeps in like a fog
Enveloping within its wake
The final vestiges of truth
And leaves your empty heart to break.

Alison Day


Lizard of thunder
Capture our wonder
With stories of plunder
And lives rent asunder
By lightning and flame
Or knights seeking fame
In a cave of disaster
In which you are master.

Alison Day

Reflection (A Wood Nymph)

A wood nymph crept to the well at dawn
While dewdrops sparkled on the lawn
As morning's light approached the hedge
Her eyes were lured to the deep well edge
And there reflected on the glassy wet
Was the loveliest wood nymph she'd ever met
She leaned and reached her hand to save
The vision from its watery grave
But leaned too far, and could not keep
From tumbling in the murky deep
She struggled vainly, tried to save
Herself from this untimely grave
The spirit sought was never found
And sighing in her grief, she drowned.
Now if you find this certain well
Wherein the wood nymph weaves her spell
And wait until the dew of dawn
Has scattered diamonds on the lawn
Then look within and you may see
A spirit in captivity
Unaltered by the march of time
Her image lingers to remind
Unwary watchers of the danger
Of seeing yourself as a stranger.

Alison Day


The fall from grace is long and slow
And leaves us time to ponder
What sordid fate awaits below
And all the while our fears may grow
Our feet are free to wander.

The call to arms is swift and proud
And leaves a wake of sorrow
As bloody hoof prints thunder loud
Beneath the angry sky, the cloud
Rains tears from heaven on their shroud.

The hands of time are swift and fleet
Decreasing with each hour
As brazen youth admits defeat
And age assumes its lofty seat
A throne of wisdom, bittersweet.

The night comes tumbling down to day
A sullen glow pervades the sky
The skin is touched by ashy grey
As soul and spirit fly away
Abandoning their husk of clay.

Alison Day

Life Stories

Stories of the past
                            To remind us
Of paths well-worn with
                             Left behind us
Another year
                             Setting sun
The hours of toil
                              The game is won
The trail ascends
              The ridge
                              Appears much higher
Than we can reach
               Weighed down
                             By base desires
The trees crowd in
                 To block
                                Our lofty view
But still we climb
                  Our lives
                                 Are to pursue.

Alison Day

Princepality (to Machiavelli)

Divine right
Reinforced by steel
Drawn over rocky paths
On golden carriage wheels
While servants bring your meals

War-hardened and cruel
Or weak and pampered grace
We simper to your face
While plotting your betrayal
To reassure our place

Born to power
Schooled in diplomacy
Forged in battle
Or burdened by hypocracy
A slave to the beurocracy

Will you rise like Alexander?
Or fall like Napoleon?
How many battles have you won?
And do you have a son?
When will your time be done?

Alison Day

The Doe of Salvation

His eyes were lifted to the heavens above
He sighed and drifted to a place filled with love
And his soul which had hunted found its quarry at last
As the doe of salvation came wandering past

Well he faltered a moment before drawing his bow
Mesmerized by the wonder of his sacred doe
And he knew all his friends would have laughed at the thought
That he, the great huntsman had missed such a shot

So he drew his fell arrow and leveled the bow
In a straight steady line with the breast of the doe
But his fingers were trembling, his breath coming short
At the thought of destroying  the beast just for sport

With gentle heart pounding he lowered his aim
And fell to his knees in repentance and shame
But the doe stepped toward him with head proud and high
Standing fearless before him she looked in his eye

For your mercy, my brother, she cried, a reward!
You shall dwell evermore in the grace of the Lord
His eyes were uplifted to heaven above
He sighed and he drifted to a place filled with love

And his soul which had hunted found its quarry at last
As the doe of salvation came wandering past.

Alison Day


I can give you
                 the illusion
                  of the perfect woman
Shave during every shower
Do my hair
Pick a certain outfit
Because I care
Flash a friendly smile
A coy look
A gentle reproof
Remain aloof
Whatever you require
Or desire.

Alison Day

Quiet Endings

You didn't join me
              for a final cigarette.
It's 4:50 in the morning and I'm still
              not tired yet.
I'm wired from the candy
And the handy way you handled me tonight.
I feel a little more alone than usual,
              this foreign home
Sends shivers though my sometimes
              rational mind.
Who is this face
              I place my body next to?
Can you tolerate my quirks?
Can I live beside you?

Alison Day

St. Patricks Day

You called me at 8:00
Your voice ringing 2000 clear miles away
A double Irish Nudge and soda bread
Grow cold in our empty booth
On this distant St. Patrick's Day.

Alison Day

Life Insurance

Oh mechanical body
            with a reckless driver
When you break down
            on the information highway
Make certain
            you are insured.

Alison Day


The geodes whirl in their demographic sphere
As lights caress the essences of fire and of air
Muscles tense, she waits in graceful anticipatory flux
For the first heartbeat to bring a life to deathly silence

Emotions float gracefully from limb to limb
A sensuous upsweep, a stumble, a plea
The surreal whisp of fabric over skin
A stretch of leg, a lift of chin, the dance begins.

Alison Day

Alison Day - 2001


Trussed by the magnanimous
                        beast of hierarchy,
The microscopic influence
                       of the masses distorted,
Chained and bound by dismissal
                       of the higher minds,
Through the silencing powers
                      of a few inconsequential bankbooks.

Alison Day


There are not enough hours in the day
Nor restfulness in sleep
To revive this metabolic heap
Or artistic misinterpretation
A manifestation
Of time and space and function
Of so much to do, so little
Time to rest and reflect
The effort to hold the head up
Is the weight upon your shoulders
The chip
That weakens the infrastructure of the soul
And shatters the mass of mis-spoken thought
Into a fragmentary cry
For freedom

Alison Day


The heavy hearted raindrops
              make their kamikaze run
              on my umbrella
Smoke and ashes lift away
              upon the breeze
The light from the doorway
              silhouettes a solitary
              figure in the shadows
              of the trees
No thoughts but of loneliness
No touch but my own
No kiss but my dying cigarette
The feeling of alone

Alison Day


(Created entirely of refrigerator magnet words)

glisten in the blush of her perfume
the gentle fever of exploring
the dark wine of passion
as candles kiss the pale skin
          of her neck

an overbearing creature
        snuggles in his bed

my angel
flickers darkly
as through a soft flame

dear heart
you laugh
your smile
a sensuous sun god

celebrate morning or miss evening
each is like the last rose
stuck on an ocean moon
could he live in my wave?

Alison Day

The Houseplant

Outward and over
The prehistoric shade
              of the most colossal beast
              reduced now to the least.

Alison Day

The Throne

This chair
            has been the seat of many
            warm bodied creatures
            high in my regard
I curl myself within it
The brown and gold stripes
           mingle with my hair.

Alison Day

Front Step

As I sit amongst you
          ghostly streets of silence
And measure from my stair
          how many quiet miles beyond me
           lay unfolded like a road map
          of tiny names
           and pathways unexplored
I turn and face the comforts
           of a warm embracing light
           and journey not
            into the cold unfettered night.

Alison Day

For Too Long

For too long
I've waited to find love
And now that I have it
How can I let go?
For too long
I didn't know the truth
And now that I've found it
How can I let go?

I never realized
You were the blue in my skies
Or the red of the sunset in the trees
The words I long to say
As I watch you drive away
And the sunlight slowly fades
Please don't leave me

For too long
I've waited for a chance
And now that I've got it
How can I let go?
For too long
I've waited for your love
And now that I have you
How can I let go?

Alison Day

Simple Truth

The simple truth
         of my untold love for you
                         is rare
Once found
        too precious to return
                        to priceless to replace
But you must know
        that it is yours alone
And live
          without the fear
                         that harbors greed
I come to you
       a jagged peak of woman
                  eroded by the heavy hand of nature
                            and circumstance
Would you, like the water
         soften and polish the rough edges
                   and wash away the circles
                             that pool beneath my eyes?
Let us flow together
         the ocean and the sky will teach us how
                   and sleep in the warm embrace
                             of simple truth.

Alison Day

Song Sestina

The sestina follows a strict pattern of the repetition of the initial six end-words of the first stanza through the remaining five six-line stanzas.

We sing a solo song
No one provides the harmony
To compliment our single note
Or establish a surrounding chord
But we produce the melody
And measure out each phrase

In the passing of the phrase
The solitude becomes a song
A beckoning melody
Encouraging the harmony
To join and form a chord
To comfort the lonely note

But when we hear each note
As separate from the phrase
The underlying chord
Forms a universal song
Deep and rich in harmony
Detached from a single note

And the overlying melody
Which changes with each note
Provides a greater harmony
Than words could ever phrase
As we all join the great song
Beyond the final chord

And as that chord
Resolves, and the melody
Is ended, the song
Reaches further than a mere note
Ever could, and each resounding phrase
Rings with angelic harmony

The glorious harmony
Of knowing that the chord
Was always present, and the phrase
Established for us long before the first melody
Was ever conceived, and the first note
Ever added to the song.

Alison Day


Never is
          as strong a word
                      as forever
Alluding to an infinity
         of time and space
Deep and wide as the universe
         expanding and contracting
                    through eternity

There is nothing in the world
          that I have never done
                      at least once
                              in the infinite
         expanses of the mind
Deep and wide as the universe
         expanding and contracting
                    through conceptions
                               of the unknown.

Forever is
          as strong a word
                      as never
Alluding to an infinity
         of time and space
Deep and wide as the universe
         expanding and contracting
                    through eternity

There is no one in the world
          that I could ever love
                      so truly
                              in the infinite
         expanses of my soul
Deep and wide as the universe
         expanding and contracting
                    and encompassing
                               us both.

Love is
          as strong a word
                      as forever
Alluding to a union
         of heart and soul
Deep and wide as the universe
         expanding and contracting
                    through eternity

Alison Day


I see you in my heart
Although I've never met you
And I don't know who you are

The years have flown away
I'd walk away unknowing if
I saw your face today

I lived in you
You live in me
Alone and lost without you
              for eternity

Your tainted blood
Flowed through my veins
But we will never even know
             each other's names

Now I'm a mother too
How can I ever understand the things
                that you went through

Your baby girl
That once was me
Alone in isolation
                 and uncertainty

This gift of life
I've blessed you for a thousand times
            throughout my strife

The years of doubt
I've muddled though
I'd wash them all away to spend
            a day with you

I pray to God
Whose face you hide
To see you waiting for me on
           the other side

I lived in you
You live in me
You closed the door between us and
                you set me free

Alison Day

You're No Good

I can't wrap my head around it
I lose it just when I think I've found it
Push back and I walk away
Pull in and I have to stay

If I wanted you wrapped around my finger
                 then I would
If I wanted to let it linger
                 then I could
Bet you thought you were a ringer
Well hold on, here comes the zinger
             you're no good

You're no good to me
You're no good to me, oh
You're no good for me
You're no good for me, oh

I can't get accustomed to it
The feeling that I just blew it
And threw all my dreams away
The minute I let you play

If I wanted you wrapped around my finger
                 then I would
If I wanted to let it linger
                 then I could
Bet you thought you were a ringer
Well hold on, here comes the zinger
             you're no good

You're no good to me
You're no good to me, oh
You're no good for me
You're no good for me, oh

Alison Day

Garden Burger

Substitute meat
Meat substitute

Alison Day


I want to be you
I want to know your pain
I want to see you
I want to wipe this stain
               from off my past

Hold you to me
Hear your stories
Praise your glories
Cast away the shame

I want to give you
All of the things you were denied
I want to live through
All of the tears you may have cried

I know the true
And I don't recognize the lies
I see right through you
I do not notice your disguise

Alison Day


The last thing that I feel today
is visionary, work and play
have filled my mind with base distractions
and tempered all my gut reactions.
It would require an incredible
event or trauma to affect my mind
and so I leave the task behind
in search of something edible.

A friendly crow perched on a tree
regards my dinner cordially
and lacking interest, he flies
a floating freckle on the sky's bright face
as people come and go
around my table as I eat,
they fill and vacate every seat,
a steady constant flow.

I wonder if they notice me
sitting, writing poetry,
immortalizing with my words
the simple scene, the passing birds,
the blackened pavement winding by
permeated by the heat,
and noises from the busy street
beneath the clouded sky.

Alison Day


Sleepy boy
 Yawns his feelings
Somewhere in there
              beneath rumpled skin
                            and hair
The only one who hears you
              is you
Who would want to wake up
              and be delusional?
It depends on what your definition
             of delusional is.

Alison Day


              is another day
in which I will accomplish
              but do very little
              of consequence
to average
              people's lives.
The world will meet
             under the drum
             and beat
             the victory

Alison Day


Smell good
           from the kitchen.
I know
           their little
                             deep within

Alison Day

Go Home

I don't wanna go home
I just wanna stay away
I'll just stay in my room
I'll just stare at my plate

I don't wanna hear their lies
I don't wanna face the truth
I don't wanna go home
And I don't know what to do

It's not worth living for
It's not worth dying for
And I don't know what to do
I'm only happy next to you

I don't wanna go home
But I don't know where to go
I don't wanna be alone
But it's the only life I know

They know how to break the glass
That protects my shattered heart
I don't wanna go home
But I don't know where to start

It's not worth living for
It's not worth dying for
And I don't know what to do
I'm only happy next to you

Alison Day

Run Away

Mother said I'd never go
Drive on, drive on
She doesn't seem to realize
We'll all be dead someday anyway

Silent as the Earth that flows
Into the deep pool of the sky
Drive on, drive on
Time to say goodbye to this melodrama

Mother holds me in her arms
Blowing wishes over my shoulder
I see the moon and the moon sees me
Goodnight moon

Silent as the light that burns
From your fingertips to mine
Drive on, drive on
Death says live while you may, for I am coming

Run away with me tonight
Run away with me tonight
Everything will be alright
Run away with me tonight

We can leave it all behind
Pop the clutch and turn the key
Drive on, drive on
Run away with me

Alison Day

Stuck In A House

When I was young I never needed anyone
but now I'm older and I'm wiser than my years.
When I grow old I will be living all alone
but now I'm younger and I'm hiding from my fears.

Stuck in a house all alone without you
Stuck in a house all alone

When I'm alone I'm by myself I'm on my own
And I am thinking of you everywhere I turn
When I'm with you I have a consciousness of life
Here's a match come on let's watch the bridges burn

Stuck in a house all alone without you
Stuck in a house all alone

When I was young I never needed anyone
But I was wrong
All alone without you

Alison Day

Earth Again

Hey, looking at you now
I can't remember how
I ever lived without your smile

Hey, I really think it's time
We listened to the chimes
And came back down to Earth for a while

Hey, where do I begin
Come back down to Earth again

Hey, I look at you today
I don't believe there'll ever be a time
When we have nothing more to say

Hey, I can read the signs
Everything is fine
Yeah I can tell that everything will be okay

Hey, where do I begin
Come back down to Earth again

Alison Day

Fire and Ice

There's fire in your eyes
Fire in your hair
Fire in your heart
And I wonder, do I dare
To be the one to quench the flame
DO I make it my concern
Be the one to ease the pain
Play with fire and get burned

There's an ocean in my eyes
A snowfall in my skin
A feeling in my heart
That you'll always be my friend
I'll be the one to quench the flame
I will make it my concern
You'll be the one to ease my pain
And I know I won't get burned
Fire and ice.

Alison Day


I cannot stand alone
I must lean on you
Don't leave me
Why must you go?

You are my fortress
And I am inside
But you crumble
And I fall
I am nothing on my own

I have tried to be a temple
But built on shifting sands
I need your cool waters
To hold me together

Build me a sandcastle
And wash it away
You let go
And leave me hanging out in space
A star in the multitudes
Lost without you

Alison Day


When you took my hand
You took my heart
And when you touched me
Your touch tore me apart

Through the nights
I've lain there crying
You were the only thing
That kept me from dying

I wrote you a letter
I wrote you a song
They can't hold me back forever
I'm coming, it won't be long

Alison Day

In The Night

Do I exist?
Do you see me?
Do you know I'm there?
I can feel you in the night

Do I remind you of the time?
Do I know? Do I care?
I can feel you in the night

I run and hide in my outside
I place myself behind a mask
              of something else
No one knows, do you know?
I can feel you in the night.

Alison Day


What's the power of one?
What's the power of two?
There's no life in this heart
If it's life without you

How can I face the day?
How can I face the night?
How can you dare to say
It'll all work out right

Who's to say what is found
Who's to say what is lost
Who's to question my fears
As I measure the cost

It is sure that I suffer
For my folly I pay
He is gone, he is gone
There is no more to say

Alison Day


We are the dust beneath your feet
Hush, your kind isn't wanted here
Don't look up, don't look them in the eye
Unless you want another bruise

We are the dust beneath your feet
We are trodden upon by heavy souls
Heavy and empty and cold

We are swept into the corner
               Under the rug
Get it out of sight
               Pretend it isn't there

You will become the dust someday
How dare you call yourselves the elite
We sit and watch your slow decay
Ashes to ashes, and to the dust
              Like us.

Alison Day

What You're Doin'

Smile at me, do you know what you're doin'
Don't you see, you don't know what you're doin'
Look at yourself, what do you see?

Make a wish, do you know what you're sayin'
On your knees, don't you know what you're prayin'
Look in my eyes, what will it be? Are you free?

Captivated, mesmerized
Lost at sea in your beautiful eyes
No one moves and no one dies
Love, will you turn the key?

Take a ride, do you know what you're doin'
Deep inside, don't you know what you're doin'
Caught by surprise, what do I see? I see me.

Alison Day


There's no place to hide this pain
Disillusioned questioning reality
I've got my rose colored glasses
I'm only here cause there's no better place to be

Be real careful what you say
The phones have more ears than you know
Too many questions, not enough answers
What's behind the door of your room 101?

They are out to get us
They will force you to agree
You will have no choice, no voice at all
They will blind you til you see

They are out to get us
They are making me paranoid
Wave to the cameras, little girl
Wake me up when this is over

Alison Day

Pat's Song

Screw fields of gold
Screw the fairy tales
You've got the ring, she's got the finger
Go ride into the sunset, golden boy

Let's go running through a field of grass
Ride the big yellow bus
We're older, know better
Nothing can stop us

Find your pretty lady
Need your dress up doll
You've got yours, I've got mine
Everything's gonna work out fine in time

Let's go running in a field of grass
Play in white sands on the beach
All that's just barely out of reach
Nothing can stop us.

*For Pat Winslow
Alison Day 1996

Shell Shocked

Where are we going? Where have you been?
Lost in an empty room, don't try to win
Murder your instincts, dulling the pain
Blowing the ashes away looks like rain

Empty skies
Dead butterflies
Hit like a lightning bolt from the
Blue hair, blue lips, blue nails, blue skies
Fly, butterfly

Finger the trigger, needle the cross
How can you find it if you are what's lost
Put on your makeup, put on a smile
Block out the nightmare, it'll help for a while

Empty skies
Dead butterflies
Hit like a lightning bolt from the
Blue hair, blue lips, blue nails, blue skies
Fly, butterfly
Shell shocked butterfly

Alison Day


What do you see behind those cold eyes?
Did it really have to be this hard?
Looking for something that you never thought was lost
Hey, you're taking things too far

Maybe I ought to try to understand you better
Maybe the effort should be mine
Maybe this two way street's a bullsh*t deal
Maybe it all will work out fine

So give me a kiss goodnight
And see me out the door
Take a good look
To keep you warm at night

What do you see behind the curtain?
Does it really have to be this blind?
Looking for an answer to your insecurities
Sure you want to leave it all behind

Maybe I ought to leave now darling
Did it really have to be like this?
Didn't take long for you to throw it all away
Broken so you'll never get it fixed

So give me a kiss goodnight
And see me out the door
Take a good look
To keep you warm at night
Take your last look
To keep you warm

Alison Day


The ardent lull of evening
Wrapped in regal shades of sundown
A sea of windswept whitecaps
Swirling into a bright abyss

Cradled softly in the arms
Of sihouetted arbor statues
Resplendent in purple and rose
Tender like a lover's kiss

And falling to the Mother's breast
Fading in the last bird song of summer
As the revenent tones of the nebulous sea
Gently sink into eternal bliss

Alison Day

Empty Beach

Once a lover of company
Silence of eternity
Sandwashed days
And wind swept nights
And driftwood memory
Stormy skies
Seagull cries
Seafoam washed on the beach to die
Abandoned castles
In the sky
And I.

Alison Day

Teenage Anthem

I just want my freedom
Freedom of expression, of choice, of voice
I will not stay silent
I will not do as I'm told
I will not fade into the multitudes
Another face without a name

I am a square peg
            But you have only round holes
I would rather stick out
Than let you shave away pieces of me
            To fit your mold

I just want my freedom
My right to choose, to fight, to live
I will not stay silent
The world will remember me.

Alison Day


I don't like it here
But I'd rather be here than anywhere
Today is too hard
                             too silent
                             too empty
I don't need to smile
             It's not inside
                            What's the point?
Too many people
                            In all the wrong ways
Talking about petty things
I don't want to be here
But I'd rather be here than anywhere

Alison Day

Everthing and Nothing

I had everything and nothing
Glory lost, never to be found
It must have been cold there in your shadow
I don't recall

Love sees everything and nothing
Love is blind to the losses
The way the light reflects upon your hair
The way the smile you gave me
                   fills my heart with laughter
I don't recall till after
How much I could have known
I had everything and nothing
And now I'm all alone

Love sees everything and nothing
Everything that's beautiful
Nothing that is true
Love is blind to what is lost
When I give my love to you.

Alison Day

Finding You

Finding you in ecstacy
Finding you in agony
I find you by my side
                    to comfort me
You are my God
                     my light
My darkness
                     my night
Where do I find you?

Alison Day

3:00 AM

So empty and cold
Staring at the wall
At pictures in my head
And I wonder
Behind my wandering eyes
Will you cry for me
When I'm dead

Staring at the wall
Running till I fall
                 In love with myself
Shadows dance across my mind
Chained until I find
                 My way home.

Alison Day

Internal Injury

Do I need to be broken?
Do I need to be crucified?
Do I need to be choking
               on the blood that I try to hide
F#ck them
I don't need it
F#ck you
You're making me bleed

Do I need this Sh#t?
You f#cking hate me
Do I need to be choking
              on the blood you're too blind to see
F#ck you
I don't need you
F#ck it
I'm tired of this

Alison Day


A single white petal
A purple bud
Floating in a sea of red

Touch me
Hold me close
Let the night unfold around us
Let the rain wash over me
Take me away from this

Can't see your makeup
                 For the circles beneath your eyes
Will I ever be warm again in your arms?

Let the world collapse around me
In a haze of smoke
Let them burn out
As I fade away.

Alison Day


So I'm addicted to you
Enough to lose you in everything beautiful
You are the perfect drug
So take two and wake me in the morning
Don't bother to call

So I'm addicted to you
Enough to lose everything just to have you
My life is over
But the fun's just beginning

Who says I can't have it all?
Who says I'm going to listen anyway?

So I'm addicted to you
Enough to lose you in everything beautiful
You are the perfect drug
And I'm addicted to you.

Alison Day

Not a Band Girl

Take out your ad
              Replace me
                       in your life
Get your new band girl
Play without me
I never was a band girl anyway.

Alison Day

Everyday Events

A frog
Caught by the tread of a passing truck
Is left rotting in the road
Until a car
Crushes its frail body
Limbs strewn across the pavement
To be washed away
With the next rain
Unmarked in life
Even as in death
One less voice in the multitudes

Alison Day

Day Without Sunshine

I wandered today
              Felt your shadow on my skin
The practice room was cold and dark
I couldn't look for fear of being alone.

I was lost today
The voices tried to break through
              And I almost let them

I would take your pain, your sadness
I would hold you close forever
I would find your star

The cold hard sun beats down
               Then fades away from view
Half of me is somewhere else
                I am not all here

You were gone today
The madness began to set in
               And I almost let it

I would take you from this nightmare
I would hold you close forever
I would find your star

Alison Day

20 Minutes

Twenty more minutes on the cold hard ground
This was the wrong day
                  Every day's the wrong day
Why did you leave me?
They're staring at me from the windows
What is she doing?
I'm waiting for you
                   To make the minutes fly.

Alison Day


For Edith Anne Ficklin Valburg, who lost her valient battle with cancer at 8:10 AM on January 14, 1997.

Carried by the winds of the unknown
Lights of heaven falter in her eye
Far distant memories shatter in an instant
A pure recollection of sea foam and sunset
Sand castles and finger jello and woodstoves
Gentle happiness and perfect love
Departed in a final breath
Only death can conquer death.

For warmth within a heart that knew no pride
A colder place awaits among the trees
For there is found none colder than the grave
So certain in the closing of our fates
From the parting bell with distant peals
The revenant tones echo in reply
And complacency fails in a final breath
Only death can conquer death.

Held in the hollow stillness of the night
Escaping to a dawn of empty hopes
The eyes of a mournful following are dried
A thousand times before their tears surcease
But this our tears could never leave in doubt
Nor shall words run dry from lips to ears
For when her life departs from on our breath
Only death can conquer death.

Alison Day


I will capture you
With words, with weaknesses
I will hold you
With tears, with tenderness
No one will ever hurt you
I will take your pain
Let me comfort you
Let darkness hold us both
I will protect you
With love, with silence
I will create you
With sunlight, with moonshine
Nothing will break you
I will be your fortress
I will shower you
With diamonds, with rain.

Alison Day


Never was the sunlight more vibrant
                 than when it danced in your hair...
It is raining today
But the sun still shines in a dark corner of this room.

Your grey eyes smile at me
While the minutes tick away
Waiting for the bus to come and take us
               to our real lives.

But until then,
              some house tea
              a cookie
And sunlight in a dark corner of this room.

Alison Day

Two People

Think you're pretty fancy, do you?
In your fake red curls and purple pants
Golden vest and blonde in the flannel...
Who do you become
                    When you close the door at night?
Yes, I'm talking to you...
                     You just don't know it.
Think the world revolves around you
But who would notice if you disappeared?
Who will mourn you when you die?
Think you're an angel, do you?
When the Christian God calls, will you rise?
Or will you come back as an ant
                  On the pavement
Which I step on
Never knowing it was you.

Alison Day

Upon Leaving

Time is past
Leaving little but the remnants
Of your scent upon my fingertips
Sweet and dark and lingering

You are gone
I feel the gentle fever
Of the softly spoken memory
Of your touch upon my skin

Yet you remain
An afterimage of fading light
A reminder of the past
Though the light and heat be gone

Your voice echoes
Ever in my mind
In the fading of the summer
The ending of the song

Alison Day

Crash Burn

I don't know why you love me
I'm a nothing
Just a crash burn fallen star

Don't know why you need me
To make you lonely
A thousand miles from where you are

Take this love away from me
I shouldn't have you
I don't deserve you by my side

Crash, burn, slash and bleed
The sky is falling
And only I know why

Sparkle in the fading light
Feel the body heat
Move across a pulsing room

Every step I dare to take
Leads me closer
Ever closer to my doom

Don't know what I'm doing
I can't remember
How I let things fall so far

Don't know why you love me
I'm a nothing
Just a crash burn fallen star

Alison Day

Sad Vampire

You left your mark
Tear the flesh and fill my head
              with images of wilting roses...
I'm sorry she left you.
Don't cry, you look like you might
              need somebody to hurt right now.
I hope you find your light.
Find your way, fade into darkness with silver,
             a line of blue...
A single drop of red on your fingertip
             and death on your face.
Take it down, that bleach-blonde
              frames your face like sunlight never could.
Gentle, gentle, I saw the look
              in those pale blue eyes
                               like ice
You left your mark.

Alison Day


Golden is the light on your hair
In the glow of a candle
Golden are the shadows of the sky
At the end of the day
Broken are the dreams of the morning
As I wake to the emptiness
Golden is the pool of reflection
As the light fades away
Where are you going?
Take me with you when you leave...
Why can't I follow you?
What is there left to believe in?

Alison Day

Monday, April 3, 2017


         can't seem to walk away
                            from it
          to the complex rhythm
                           of Cuban jive
The cowbell
            Draws our feet
                                        Across the floor
The framework
             Echoes hollow
                                        Out the door
              to the night crowd
               the empty night-lit streets
                                    in search
                of jazz and intoxicating beats.

Alison Day


                 In and out
The space
                A metaphor
                                   For the expanding
                And contracting
                Which will someday
                                    In a cloud of smoke
            In its life rhythm
                         With the heart that warms our glow
             The gentle exhalation
                         Which heaves
                          And sighs
              Content and constant
               The body takes precedence
                              Over the mind
               The silent waft
                               Expels the residue
Absorbed again in the passing wind.

Alison Day

Winter Night

The North wind whips the frozen trees,
             The snows are on the ground;
The mirror of the solid lake
             Is cloaked with leaves of brown;
The birds have flown their summer nests,
             The gophers gone aground,
As flakes of white continue
             To fall without a sound.

How bare and still the world seems
             Beneath its veil of white;
How lofty are the treetops
             Which reach into the night,
How far away the moon is,
            Yet on the Earth, so bright
As on the ground, the snowfall
            Reflects the pale moonlight.

The North wind whips the frozen trees
           The branches nod their heads
And dream the dreams of coming springs
           Beneath their berries red.
Their thoughts to not belie despair
           Though all the world lie dead
They turn their minds to things reborn
            And all that lies ahead.

Alison Day

Lost Tales

Gone are the chivalrous courtesans
Gone are the heralds of old
They have flown on the cold winds of intellect
As the new age of prophets fortold

Lost is the sweet wine of romance
Lost are the banquets of fable
They are swept in the trash heap of progress
As a new meal is brought to the table

Deep is the well of antiquity
Deep are the waters, and cold
Bereft from the fires that warm them
Stagnant and layered with mold

The knights in their armor have vanished
The ladies who wait are all gone
They silently watch from their paintings
And echo their words in our songs.

Alison Day

The Sea

The sea
                    Wanders in
                                                  Curls its fingers around a
                                                  Yielding isle of sand
                                                                           and reeds
                                                   The land
A wafer in the toothless maw
                 of creation
                 or destruction
                 or erosion
The reshaping of the earth
                 with soft, liquid hands.

Alison Day


Symbiotic melismas
                                  over a turkey dinner
Gravy spills
                on the clean white linens
                                   of emotion
The cranberry sauce
                gleams red in the candle glow
Blushing furiously
                as the mashed potatos crowd
                                  the yams
                                  onto a reservation
                                  in one

Alison Day

House of Learning

Take your mind
               to another man's mind
Knock softly,
                and enter with caution.
Believe that what he says
               is important
                                because it is important to him.
               how much more life has been lived
                                than your own.
Be grateful
                that he is willing
                                  to share that life
With your undeveloped soul.
Walk with gentle tread
                 when in another man's head.

Alison Day

New Beginnings

Give yourself
             the opportunity
                             to change
Look at it as practice
            on the way
                             to the stage
Why not take
           as much time
                             as you can
To perfect
            this visage
                            of a man
Give yourself
           the chance to
          you are the stranger
                            to yourself
           the ways
                          you have not felt
Touch the ice
           and feel
                          the liquid
         against your
                    warm skin
         your beginnings
                     in its end

Alison Day

Moon Water

Sweet and liquid night,
           oil in a well of murky water,
           floating atop a thick and endless void,
A lack thereof.

A mossy lily pond,
            touched with tiny starflowers,
                          opening and closing with
            the hours that transfuse
                          the night and day,
The clock of time.

Troubled is the breeze,
          a restless ripple
                        wakes across the pond
         or sky, was it a cloud?
                       or a shadow,
But those require light.

Moonlight, a reflection
          reflects again in the water,
                     a mirror to the sky,
          of images that falter to the touch.

Alison Day

Forest Drive

Down we go
Sweet and dark and winding
Through the trees
Sunlight flashes, blinding
Trip along reminding
             me of hitting bottom
Til I hit the curve, and climbing
I regained the top
            and glanced,
                           the hill behind me
At what's ahead
             where they will never find me

Alison Day

Could I

Could I forbid
          the sun from rising in the sky
Could I prevent
         the lazy clouds from rolling by
Could I deny
          the slow ascent of ancient trees
Could I impede
           the cultivation of the bees
Could I destroy
            the lifeblood current of the seas
Could I deny
            the earth which gave its life for me
Could I create
             or do my powers fade and wane
Could I repair
             or do my hands bring only pain
Could I become
             the missing piece to fill the hole
Could I forgive
             the selfish nature of the soul

Alison Day

Life Raft

Money cannot purchase
          what time cannot replace
Our flow cannot arrest the forward flow
          of time and space
The river channels onward
          Sweeping with it our debris
Washing silt and sediment
           away and to the sea
The lines spread on our faces
           unfettered by our minds
The more we tumble on the rocks
          the more we leave behind
As branches spread like fingers
          hanging over to ensnare
We linger towards the middle
          to ensure we make it there

Alison Day


If time placed in a box
          all that it deemed fair
I wonder if our passion
          would find a corner there?

Alison Day


Traveling the edge
          of the ridge, or a bridge
Suspended in space
         our presence displaced
The brightness of our clothes
         brings a stillness to the land
Which we can never placate
         or begin to understand

Alison Day


             in light
For darkness has its charms
             and draws you in
And light must die for darkness to begin
But do not assume
             the darkness holds no light
We cannot trust our hearts to tricks of sight

           in night
For evening brings a blanket
          full of holes
And embers simmer hot beneath the coals
But do not fear
               the moon will light the way
The meadow lark begets the song of day

         in sight
For darkness blinds our senses,
          makes us wary
And night is long upon the open prairie
But do not think
        that light has dimmed the stars
We are too small to realize where we are

Alison Day


             in the West
The rosy glow
              evades the chill of night
               a parting kiss
                                  on the belly of the clouds

              far below the curve
                               of the horizon
A new day begins
                Dewdrops cry for joy
                                 upon the land

Coming Of Age

Coming of age
           is not something that happens
                          when we turn sixteen
                                        or eighteen
                                                       or twenty-one
It is not attained by puberty,
           or marked
                          by our first sexual experience
                                      or culminated
                                                      in our first encounter with love
It is not echoed
           in the blush of the bride
                          who knows that later
                                        she must bite her lip
                                                     to provide the blood
                                                                of her ill-begotten innocence
It does not glimmer
           in the vague, uncertain tears
                          of the boy soldier crouched
                                         beside his fallen enemy
It is not imparted
           in the dying breath
                          of a loved one glowing
                                          in a sweaty hospital bed
It is not an age
                but a moment
                               perhaps unnoticed
Which tells us
                that age is coming.

Alison Day, 2009


Don’t love me, I don’t want it now
You can’t just jump up
            And expect me to have waited

I’m gone now, I’ve gone on my own
You can’t just turn around
            And love the one you hated

I moved on, I’ve been strong
What makes you think
            That you’ve been missed

But still the words pour forth
Come back, from the one
            You never kissed

But I forget
I do anything I can to forget

Go away, I can’t ignore this
Bleeding anymore,
            Please let me forget

I’m going down, I’m what I dread
Don’t let me die,
            Don’t go away

Damn this noise inside my head!
Let me forget

Alison Day 1994