Monday, April 3, 2017

The War Letter (WWI)

Dear Mother,
I long to come home
But I know that I cannot
'til the cries fall into silence
and the trembling of the earth subsides.
I no longer
Can gaze upon a sunset
As the colors hold no beauty
And the red becomes blood in my eyes.

Dear Father,
My tears fall in the dust
of a cold, unfeeling land that for glory
took the lives of a million, save one.
My brothers
lie before me while their sisters
Weep at home for the tomorrows
Which now will never come.

I remain
Silently watching over them
Singing nameless tunes of glory
Which no one else can hear
While the banner
of unshakeable German pride
is shaken now at last
and lies before us in the mire
of a thousand miles of blood and tears.