Tuesday, April 4, 2017


For Edith Anne Ficklin Valburg, who lost her valient battle with cancer at 8:10 AM on January 14, 1997.

Carried by the winds of the unknown
Lights of heaven falter in her eye
Far distant memories shatter in an instant
A pure recollection of sea foam and sunset
Sand castles and finger jello and woodstoves
Gentle happiness and perfect love
Departed in a final breath
Only death can conquer death.

For warmth within a heart that knew no pride
A colder place awaits among the trees
For there is found none colder than the grave
So certain in the closing of our fates
From the parting bell with distant peals
The revenant tones echo in reply
And complacency fails in a final breath
Only death can conquer death.

Held in the hollow stillness of the night
Escaping to a dawn of empty hopes
The eyes of a mournful following are dried
A thousand times before their tears surcease
But this our tears could never leave in doubt
Nor shall words run dry from lips to ears
For when her life departs from on our breath
Only death can conquer death.

Alison Day