Tuesday, April 4, 2017


I see you in my heart
Although I've never met you
And I don't know who you are

The years have flown away
I'd walk away unknowing if
I saw your face today

I lived in you
You live in me
Alone and lost without you
              for eternity

Your tainted blood
Flowed through my veins
But we will never even know
             each other's names

Now I'm a mother too
How can I ever understand the things
                that you went through

Your baby girl
That once was me
Alone in isolation
                 and uncertainty

This gift of life
I've blessed you for a thousand times
            throughout my strife

The years of doubt
I've muddled though
I'd wash them all away to spend
            a day with you

I pray to God
Whose face you hide
To see you waiting for me on
           the other side

I lived in you
You live in me
You closed the door between us and
                you set me free

Alison Day