Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Reflection (A Wood Nymph)

A wood nymph crept to the well at dawn
While dewdrops sparkled on the lawn
As morning's light approached the hedge
Her eyes were lured to the deep well edge
And there reflected on the glassy wet
Was the loveliest wood nymph she'd ever met
She leaned and reached her hand to save
The vision from its watery grave
But leaned too far, and could not keep
From tumbling in the murky deep
She struggled vainly, tried to save
Herself from this untimely grave
The spirit sought was never found
And sighing in her grief, she drowned.
Now if you find this certain well
Wherein the wood nymph weaves her spell
And wait until the dew of dawn
Has scattered diamonds on the lawn
Then look within and you may see
A spirit in captivity
Unaltered by the march of time
Her image lingers to remind
Unwary watchers of the danger
Of seeing yourself as a stranger.

Alison Day